Pilgrims will receive an electronic Handbook.

Life in Israel

  •  Food and Water

 Sometimes you will be offered a great variety of food at the hotel buffet.  The Mediterranean diet includes many fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as meat choices, and you may consider some items delicious but unusual.  People with unusual diet restrictions should contact the Biblical Byways coordinator BiblicalByways@gmail.com with the details before you register.  We cannot take responsibility for everyone’s preferences, but usually the available food will suffice.  We will send specialized information for those who need a gluten-free diet.

  You will carry a water bottle with you each day.  The water almost everywhere is drinkable and safe, but you may purchase bottle water at local shops. In Jerusalem bottled water is available for purchase at a local shop, and we are usually able to fill our own water bottles at our hotel. 

  •  Culture

Both Muslims and Orthodox Jews have strict standards of modesty;  we must be sensitive to that.  Although you may see people dressed and acting very immodestly in Israel, those in our tour group will be expected to be exemplary in their dress and conduct.  Jeans, skirts, & capris are the norm for women.

 Neither men nor women will be admitted to religious sites (like the Church of the Holy Sepulchre) in any kind of shorts or sleeveless shirts.  Guards at these sites check to assure that all who enter are wearing clothing which covers the shoulders, chest, and knees

 Most archaeological Biblical sites are not officially considered “religious” sites because there are no functioning churches, synagogues, or mosques there today.

 There will be chances to swim in the Dead Sea, in the Sea of Galilee, or in the Mediterranean Sea.  Swimming attire must be modest (one-piece suits for women and trunks for men).  Women should wear a covering skirt or tunic over their swimming suits when walking to the beach.

  • Weather

Summer weather in Israel is hot and dry.  The mountains offer cool nights, but we don’t expect any rain.  Average high & low temperatures in May-September should be

May   77 o /60 o  F      25o  / 17o  C
June   81o / 66o   F     28 o  / 18 o C
Sept   83 o / 55 o  F    28 o / 19 o  C

Nazareth in Galilee:
May   82 o  / 58 o  F       27 o / 14 o  C
June   86 o /  65 o   F       30 o / 18 o  C
Sept   88 o /  66 o  F      31 o  / 19 o  C

Tel Aviv:
May   81 o / 59F     27 o / 15 o  C
une   85 o / 65 o  F    29 o / 18 o  C
Sept   86 o / 68 o  F    30 o / 20 o  C 

Beersheva in Negev:
May   84 o / 60 o  F       29 o / 15 o  C 
June   87 o / 68 o  F       30 o / 20 o  C
Sept    88 o /67 o  F       31 o  / 19 o  C


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