Tour agencies in Turkey and Greece provide our guides. They are in daily contact to monitor security issues that may arise. There are no unusual security concerns in the archeological sites we visit in Turkey. We visit sites in Central and Western Turkey, far from conflicts near the Syrian border in eastern Turkey.

Our tour begins in Antalya, Turkey on the south coast. We recommend that you book your flight directly to Antalya through connecting airports in Europe. If you wish to visit Istanbul (ancient Constantinople) en-route please be advised that the airport and certain tourist locations have been targets of terrorists in the past. We recommend that you book into a nearby hotel and plan to visit only the Istanbul Archaeological Museum. Take a taxi from your hotel; a tour guide is not necessary. Many important artifacts are housed there, including items from Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon, cuneiform tablets from Mesopotamia, and inscriptions from Israel.

The tour continues into Greece where we cross the border of Turkey and Greece in the north. There are no unusual security concerns in Greece.