Helen (2017) Tour to Israel

“Since this was a study tour, we learned some fascinating things about events in the Old Testament and Gospels. Now I will have answers for some of the questions that the local … translators have asked or are likely to ask.”

[Damascus Gate, Old City of Jerusalem]

Samuel M. ( 2016) It was the fleshing-out effect that makes the Bible ‘become live’ and more interesting to study.

“…The idea that a tour to Israel could provide a personal spiritual experience for me actually kept me from going on such a trip. I had strong resentment to seeking a spectacular experience in Israel in order to support my belief; that would undermine the “believe without seeing” principle.

As it turned out, the Biblical Byways study trip is not primarily designed as a devotional retreat, neither did I go with any such expectations. Right from the preparatory materials issued, the primary objective was clearly indicated as a chronological Bible study.

Then, when I got into Israel, I did find an opportunity for a personal integration of Scriptures with the right contexts to make vivid sense, once for all.  It was the fleshing-out effect that makes the Bible “become live” and more interesting to study.  That is what I desire all fellow-workers involved in communicating the Scriptures to attain.”

Samuel prays at the Western Wall next to a Jewish man.
He takes a ride on an ancient mode of transportation in the Middle East.

More Testimonials

Karen, Larry, and Richard

Richard said in 2013, “I have been on many tours to Israel, and this one was the best.”

Richard K.